Investing in the Community

Educational and financial commitments to benefit the community.

Making commitments to the community ensures project benefits are local and investment is brought to the area.

Guardbridge Guarantee

  • The delivery of educational and economic benefits to the local community during the biomass energy scheme for the University of St Andrews
  • Introduced through an educational day for the local primary school
  • Invested 73% of project spend within Scotland
  • 79% of workers employed on the project were residents of Fife and central Scotland
  • Provided 20 apprenticeships and graduate placements on the project 
  • Allows local areas to feel the benefits of the scheme

Guardbridge Guarantee Site Workers - Vital Energi

Strathclyde Commitment

  • A commitment to prioritise the local community in regards to employment and material sourcing when working on the CHP energy scheme at the University of Strathclyde
  • Held an education day for the local primary school to engage with the community
  • Invested 65% of the project budget in local companies in the Glasgow area
  • Spending was distributed among local businesses to ensure the local community felt the financial benefits of the project
  • Offered a range of apprenticeships and graduate placements to work on the project

Vital Energi - University of Strathclyde Local Contractors Talk

Apprenticeship Engagement

  • Invested in the local community when working on the Leeds PIPES Network by employing apprentices from the local college to assist in the delivery of the scheme
  • Developed students’ skills and their future employability prospects
  • Helped to maintain local engagement from the wider community
  • We were able to educate and train the students on the types of schemes we deliver
  • Maximise the employability of the local area

Vital Energi - Leeds PIPES Apprentices

Camden Women in Engineering Event

  • Collaborated with Camden Council to engage with local high school students to celebrate International Women in Engineering Day
  • Showcased the different roles our female colleagues have and how they work together to deliver our energy schemes
  • Presented a lifecycle of a project, their career progression and why they would recommend a career in engineering
  • Students were taken behind-the-scenes of the Somers Town energy centre
  • Feedback from students rated the event on average 8/10 for usefulness and increasing their interest in engineering

Camden Women in Engineering Event - Vital Energi