Billing Services

Billing Services

Our in-house metering & billing customer service team are currently working with housing associations, developers, energy providers and local authorities across the UK to bill over 20,000 residential and commercial customers for their energy usage. 

Our reliable billing services provide you with timely payments and your residents with a flexible, easy to access and manageable way of paying for their energy consumption.

The services available include:

•    Credit Billing:  Monthly or quarterly energy bill payments 

•    Pre-Payment Solutions: Pay as you go energy payments  

•    Multi-channel payment solutions for your tenants: 

-    24 hour telephone – A convenient and safe way to top up a meter or pay energy bills 
-    Direct debit – Pay bills in monthly or quarterly instalments
-    Retail – 29,000 PayPoint top up outlets across the UK 
-    SMS – Register online to make quick, accessible payments by text  
-    Online - Make instant payments and keep track of energy consumption using our online payment platform

•    Credit control & debt management

With our pre-payment and credit billing solutions we can help to minimise debt risk or manage existing debt on your balance sheet through advising you on the most efficient and affordable metering solution for you and your tenants.

In instances of non-payment of bills, our team will stay in touch with your residents until the debt is cleared, or organise a suitable repayment plan. 

Residents can repay their debt incrementally with every top up, and our vPro2 smart meter can also switch a tenant’s billing method remotely between credit and pre-payment billing, preventing further debt accrual.