With one of the largest in-house design teams in the UK we specialise in creating viable, robust and creative energy generation, distribution and conservation solutions of all sizes for small to large scale projects across all sectors.

Vital’s Approach To Design

We apply a whole life cycle approach to design in which we consider all aspects of the project from day one which ensures a smooth transition between the design, build and operation and maintenance phases. Our value-added philosophy enables us to create innovative solutions for small to large scale projects and variant options which have saved our clients significant capital investment and operational costs.

Design plays a critical role in achieving your energy objectives and continues to play a strong part into the operation, maintenance and optimisation phases to deliver carbon and financial efficiencies.

In partnership with Southwark Council we're retrofitting water source heat pumps into existing heat networks.

Southwark Heat Pumps (In Progress)
Southwark Imag
  • heat-pump
    6 Heat pump projects designed
  • energy-centre
    130 Energy centre projects designed
  • percentage-increase
    350 million Energy usage data points

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