Employee Awards

In order to recognise the contribution and achievements of individuals and teams/departments in the company, we are happy to announce the annual Vital Energi Employee Awards programme.

There are 6 awards available to individuals and teams/departments:

Safety Award

An individual or team that has demonstrated the highest standards and improvements in the application of health and safety in their role or roles for the company.

High Achiever Award

For a member of staff who has excelled in their performance and career development.

Innovation Award

An individual who has demonstrated creativity within their role but has also continued to push the boundaries through their actions and tasks which not only have an impact on their department but the organisation as a whole.

Leadership Award

Awarded to an individual who has strong leadership skills and has demonstrated the ability to lead and guide staff in order to develop their employee’s/colleagues capabilities.

Team award

Awarded to either a department or project team that has demonstrated excellence through working and collaborating together.

Employee of the year award

Awarded to an individual who has continued to achieve and perform in all aspects of their role and approaches tasks in a strategic manner resulting in their actions having a positive impact on their department and the organisation as a whole.