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Jay Patel

Energy and Commercial Analyst

About Jay

Jay has progressed in the company to become Energy and Commercial Analyst in the Solutions team, with a wide portfolio of responsibilities which ensures no two days are the same.

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    8 years at Vital
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    MSc in Physics Qualification

Can you talk us through what you were doing initially?

I joined Vital as a graduate engineer and the idea was for me to get some experience on site because I didn’t really have a technical background. I ended up being a Project Engineer on the University of York project during the install of 2 CHP engines, a biomass unit and some of the district heating. I learnt a lot from everyone else on site and by the end of it I was running the site by myself for a period of time, taking care of health and safety issues and issuing permits.

What are you doing now?

I am now an Energy and Commercial Analyst in the Solutions team. My job is really varied which is great. I do the energy and commercial modelling for long term energy contracts, from initial concept and refine it to the scheme, which we then install.   I look after CHPQA for the company. I have designed the company’s commercial performance monitoring software from the ground up and I have been working with the Projects and Operation & Maintenance team to optimise the performance of our schemes.  I also get involved with the legal side of long term contracts, a bit of everything really.

I’ve been lucky enough to work with some of the best people in the country when it comes to energy performance contracts. I have gained so much technical experience within the energy sector, but in addition to that I think I now know more about business in general.

Jay Patel, Energy and Commercial Analyst

How do you feel about the opportunities to progress at Vital?  (Do you think you could be a board member 20 years from now?)

I feel like a really important part of Vital Energi already. I have been able to pursue anything I’ve wanted to do within the business. My main role is to do the computer modelling but because I found it interesting I have got involved in legal, O&M and the performance monitoring side. Eventually, I reckon I might be interested in doing a more senior role, 20 years is a long time though, I think I could be on the board in the next 10!

Can you talk us through the support you’ve had while you’ve been here?

I believe I’m part of the best team in the country. Not only because of all the collective experience we have, but because of the family atmosphere that has been created. We work hard but we have so much fun, and if I need anything from steam training in Germany to my boss going out to get a sandwich because I am too busy, it gets done. And that’s true across everyone I’ve worked with in the company, if I need anything people are only a phone call away and are more than happy to help.

What would you say to someone who’s considering applying to Vital through the Graduate Scheme?

It is a really fun atmosphere to work in, you get to work with some of the best people in the industry and you learn something new every day. This will be the best decision you ever make.

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