Taylor Wimpey and SSE Taylor Wimpey and SSE Haggerston & Kingsland Complete

Haggerston West & Kingsland Estates had a reputation as being among the most run down in the capital and as part of a £150 million regeneration Vital Energi designed and installed a CHP system and District Energy Network to bring more affordable and environmentally friendly energy to residents.

“Regeneration of run down estates is essential and at the core of those projects is the energy strategy. We work closely with the developer and ESCo provider to provide sustainable, affordable energy and projects like Haggerston and Kingsland are opportunities to demonstrate how effective CHP and District Heating technology can be.”

Ian Whitelock Joint Managing Director, Vital Energi

Project Overview

Vital Energi is providing two of the most rundown estates in London with a brand new affordable and sustainable heating and hot water solution.

The Blackburn and London-based sustainable energy company is working with Scottish & Southern Energy (SSE), Taylor Wimpey and London & Quadrant Housing Association on the £150 million regeneration of the Haggerston West and Kingsland Estates which are situated on either side of the Regent’s Canal in Hackney, London.

The redevelopment will see a complete restoration of the area which formerly consisted of tower blocks with a total of 400 dwellings that were in an extremely poor condition. Crime and disrepair were a continual issue for local residents, some of whom had been campaigning for improvements on the estates since the 1980’s.

As the homes could not be economically refurbished to Decent Homes Standards, due to their poor condition, Hackney Council asked London & Quadrant to demolish the 480 interwar and post war flats, over two phases, and build 761 new quality homes. More than half of the homes will be affordable housing and 248 will be for social rent. The new development will also incorporate open spaces, children’s play areas and commercial space.

Vital Energi is working with Scottish and Southern Energy (SSE) and Taylor Wimpey, to design, supply and install a highly efficient, sustainable and affordable community heating scheme to ensure the homes achieve a minimum of Level 4 under the Code for Sustainable Homes.

The project is being carried out over two phases. Phase 1 consists of 367 new homes and a brand new state of the art community centre and will be completed in 2013. Construction work began on Phase 2 in the summer of 2012, with a total of 394 new homes to be built, spread over five blocks and will be completed in 2014.

The Challenge

The high density scheme includes 95 three and four storey town houses for larger families, as well as significant levels of public realm and contemporary streetscape, generous provision of private and communal gardens and new community facilities.

With a greater focus on safety and security, the scheme will deliver improved car parking facilities, new pedestrian streets, a multi-storey community centre and a new public square.

Vital Energi's Solution

Vital Energi is working closely with the schemes developer, Taylor Wimpey, and ESCo (Energy Services Company) SSE, to ensure that all of the key requirements and deadlines for the project are met.

It has been contracted to design, supply, install, operate and maintain two CHP Energy Centres and two separate district heating networks. A single energy centre would have been the preferred option but was not possible due to the estates being separated by the canal.

Pre-insulated TwinPipe is being used for the district heating networks because it is the most thermally-efficient type of district heating pipe and significantly reduces heat loss.
Each of the estates’ energy centres will contain a 200kW Combined Heat and Power (CHP) engine, a 25,000 litre thermal store and three back up gas boilers (3 x 850kW in Haggerston and 3 x 700kW in Kingsland), to act as back-up during peak periods of demand.

Vital Energi is also installing Hydraulic Interface Units (HIU’s) and heat meters to provide instant heat and hot water to all 761 new dwellings, the new community centre and the children’s nursery. 

The provision of fuel will be carried out by SSE. It has awarded the operations and maintenance contract for the energy centre and heat network to Vital Energi.

Vital Energi is also installing pre-payment meters and a fixed meter reading network which will allow residents to pay for the heat and hot water they use and help them control consumption.


Vital Energi is bringing affordable and efficient heating and hot water to a rundown area of London that has been blighted by crime and poverty. Its sustainable energy solution is integral to this regeneration scheme and will help improve residents’ lives by cutting fuel bills and reducing fuel poverty.

It will also save the estates an equivalent of 233 tonnes of CO2 each year. That’s a 34 per cent saving compared with conventional gas boilers and equivalent to the annual electricity use of 26 homes.


  • Site-wide district heating using CHP system providing a low-carbon supply
  • CHP is energy efficient and reduces the energy needed for buildings
  • CHP is cost effective and helps alleviate fuel poverty
  • Central heating in each home is controllable by the occupants, who pay for the heat they use
  • CHP generates electricity which is fed back into the grid
  • Centralised back-up plant