Bringing blooms to Southwark

We recently visited the Newington estate in Southwark, where we joined Southwark Council, ICAX Ltd, residents connected to the network, and the Tenants and Residents Association, in planting 5,000 daffodil bulbs across the estate.

Contracts Manager, Mark Pocknell, who is overseeing the project, said:

“We’re committed to bringing social value to places where we deliver projects, and so last week we joined Newington residents and planted 5,000 daffodils across their estate. It was a really enjoyable day - we were lucky with the weather and it only took around 2 hours to plant all the bulbs.

“I’d like to thank everyone who got their hands dirty, and I can’t wait to see the results of our hard work in the spring.

'We all really enjoyed the bulb planting day at Newington, and it was great to see the residents engaged with the project. We’re looking forward to seeing these bulbs come into bloom in spring, coinciding with the completion of our heat pump project, delivery of low carbon heating, and beautiful gardens for the borough. Well done to Vital Energi and the team.”

Tom Vosper, Strategic Project Manager, LB of Southwark

We’ve been working on a ground-breaking project to decarbonise the borough by retrofitting water source heat pumps into existing heat networks across the Newington, Consort and Wyndham estates, which will provide over 2,000 properties with a more resilient, efficient, low carbon heat supply.

The Consort and Wyndham estate heat pumps are fully installed, coupled with their buried pipework from the 120m deep bore holes back to the estate’s energy centres. The penultimate installation at Newington estate is due to be complete around March 2022 which will then see all three of the Southwark estates using heat pump technology to provide heat to all the homes connected to the existing networks.