Cambridge residents optimise their energy use thanks to Vital's new app

Vital Energi have signed a five-year deal with the North West Cambridge Development, providing over 1,000 Eddington residents with a revolutionary way to manage their energy use.

The first phase of the North West Cambridge Development, Eddington, has over 1,100 homes and has been designed with exemplary sustainability specifications to help support a healthy, active and environmentally conscious community.

The North West Cambridge Development has signed up to Glass, keen to encourage online account management in order to reduce paper billing, in line with their sustainability goals. Glass, Vital Energi’s new smart energy app and online portal, allows Eddington residents to access their utility accounts in a way that is easy and convenient for them.

Vital recently developed and launched Glass to give heat network users the visibility and control to better manage their energy use and payments, and it allows users to top-up or pay their bills anytime, anywhere. Using the built-in weather forecast, customers can also predict their future spend.

Glass also provides housing associations, local authorities, developers and other service managers with access to energy consumption and financial data via a dedicated portal. This will allow the North West Cambridge Development to better serve Eddington residents, optimise network performance and effectively reduce debt.

“We are very excited to have been selected to manage the heat and estate service charge on behalf of North West Cambridge. Our Glass app and online portal provide an excellent platform to encourage residents to self-manage their accounts and optimise their energy usage.”

Denise Neville, Head of Service Delivery at Vital Energi

Warren Forsyth, Operations Director at Eddington, said: “We are delighted to have started working with Vital on the heat and estate service charge billing for all Eddington customers.  This will help us further develop and streamline Eddington’s utility billing to the benefit of our customers.”

Vital Energi has been working closely with North West Cambridge Development over the last seven years after supplying, designing and installing their district heating network, and taking over the operation and maintenance of their energy centre.

The Eddington energy centre generates heating and hot water for the homes at Eddington distributed via a district heating network rather than individual gas boilers in each property. This means for efficient use of resources, providing greener, more environmentally friendly heating, hot water and energy, which is a vital part of the sustainability strategy for the North West Cambridge Development.

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