Newport City Homes’ Duffryn Heat Network Replacement Project is one of the largest district heating pipe upgrade projects currently being delivered in the UK. It involves replacing 7.5km of ageing pipes with a modern and highly insulated network. The project received a £3.7m grant from the Heat Network Efficiency Scheme (HNES), and this work will secure the future of the district heating system and deliver a better experience for customers.

We were delighted to welcome a delegation from the Department for Energy Security and Net Zero on Wednesday 14 February to find out more about the district heating system, see the pipework being installed, meet the team behind the project and tour the biomass energy centre.

We’re thrilled with the project’s progress and incredibly grateful for the engagement and support of our customers and the wider community. “These works are a significant investment in sustainable energy and we are very grateful to have received some of the funding for these vital works from the Heat Network Efficiency Scheme, funded by the Department for Energy Security and Net Zero. The improvements we are delivering will ensure Duffryn heat network will continue to deliver affordable, environmentally friendly heating and hot water for our customers and wider community for many years to come.

Sonia Furzland, Executive Director of Operations-Newport City Home
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The delegation taking a tour of the biomass energy centre which provides heat for the network

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The Duffryn heat network provides heating and hot water to over 970 homes, local schools and businesses. Since installation in the 1970s, it remains an example of innovative sustainability. It uses locally sourced woodchip instead of fossil fuels, which reduces carbon emissions and contributes to better local air quality. Any waste product is given to local farmers to use as fertiliser. The new pipework will ensure the local community and future generations benefit from sustainable and reliable heating and hot water.

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Vital Energi's Managing Director of Heat Networks, Ashley Walsh explaining the installation process for district heating pipework.

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This is an important project for the local community, taking the district heating system which has come to the end of its life and upgrade it into a sustainable and efficient system which will serve the community for decades to come and we’re delighted to welcome the delegation from DESNZ to tour the installation. “This is an extremely rewarding project, due to the positive impact it will have on people’s day-to-day lives and one of the highlights for us is that we’ve been able to work with the council on some social value projects which will make a genuine difference in the lives of the people of Duffryn.

Ashley Walsh , Vital Energi - Managing Director for Heat Networks

The heat network is being delivered in phases to minimise disruption, with completion scheduled for Spring 2024.