Gaining ground at Northwick Park Hospital

We’re gaining ground on our project at Northwick Park Hospital where we’re installing a unique blend of heat pumps, battery storage, and solar to support London North West Healthcare NHS Trust’s transition to net zero.

The 200kW water source and air source heat pumps are now in place and ready for commissioning, the 2MW battery energy storage system is connected to the grid ready for configuring, and the 643kWp solar will soon generate electricity and power the hospital site.

Once complete, this self-funding fully integrated energy solution will guarantee savings of £1.9m a year for the Trust and save over 2,500 tonnes of carbon each year. The solution has been designed with the ability to grow too, and the infrastructure is scalable, enabling it to meet the ongoing challenges and opportunities that arise on the Trust’s road to net zero.

Read more about the project here.