Helping Brighton and Hove City Council decarbonise their buildings

Vital Energi are helping Brighton and Hove City Council tackle climate change and work towards their target of net zero by 2030 after undertaking audits across a number of their buildings to identify energy and carbon savings opportunities.

We have completed energy audits across 19 public sector buildings, including schools, nurseries, libraries and care homes, and identified a number of ways to improve energy efficiency, reduce carbon emissions, and save money.

Measures include glazing upgrades, LED lighting replacements, BEMS optimisation, and heating and ventilation improvements, along with the installation of solar PV on the roofs, and heat pump technology.

If all of the identified measures are implemented, the council could reduce emissions associated with the combustion of gas by 95%, and the total annual CO2 reduction would be 72%.

“It’s great to work with another local authority and help them on their path to decarbonisation. Through the implementation of the energy conservation measures we’ve identified, the council can significantly reduce their carbon footprint and energy expenditure, as well as empowering local communities and businesses to a net zero future, whilst providing a cleaner, greener environment for the occupants of the buildings too.”

Rob Callaghan, Managing Director of Vital’s London division