Key green milestone reached at new Plumstead development

Berkeley and Peabody are transforming the site of the former Arsenal Football Club home into a new, vibrant neighbourhood called Lombard Square, and the project recently completed a major green milestone.

The installation of the Phase 1 district heating network is now complete. This is a section of the district heating spine which has been installed up to the boundary of the Lombard Square development and will be connected to the heat network as part of the next phase.

When complete, the 17-acre development will be made up of 1,913 apartments, retail, commercial, community spaces and a biodiverse park, all served via 1km of district heating network.

This is a heat network which will evolve alongside the development, growing as the heat demand grows. This will allow buildings to be connected as they come online and give customers access to greener, more affordable heat and hot water. Due to its association with Arsenal FC, the site has a long and storied history, and we are excited to play a part in it’s low-carbon future.

Ashley Walsh, Managing Director – Heat Networks

The Vital Energi team installed the highly insulated district heating pipework which will serve a total of 8 blocks around the development.

Click here to read more about the project, where Vital Energi are also designing and building the Energy Centre that serves the whole development and are supporting Berkeley in reaching their sustainability goals through the installation of ground source heat pumps, which will extract water from aquifers below the surface via 140m deep boreholes.