Net zero apprentice Mohammad shares his highlights

Mohammad Basid, one of our Building Services Engineering apprentices based in London has been with Vital for over a year. He tells us about his journey so far; what he has learnt, what he gets upto in his current department, and his goals and aspirations for the future.

Currently based at our Energetik Heat Network project in Enfield, Mohammad started his apprentice journey in September 2021 and has gained a wealth of knowledge working across our business units.

“It’s been a great experience so far,” said Mohammad. “I have been with different departments and learned more about what Vital do as a business. I started with metering and billing for the first three and half months, where I learnt about the V-Pro system we use, and how the engineers install meters in people’s houses which taught me a range of things from simple electric works to interacting professionally with customers”.

Mohammad recently visited our Blackburn office, where he learnt how to build our vTherm°e HIUs.

“I learnt so much more about HIUs and how to fix common issues as well as how to conduct major works in plant rooms, such as changing valves and bellows. I gained a lot of knowledge as I was always working with an experienced engineer!”

“I’m currently learning about project management on the Energetik project based in Enfield from Senior Project Manager, Philip Kyriacou, and Project Manager, Colin Miller. I assist them with authorising permits, daily diary arrangements, filling in daily labour sheets and assisting sub-contractors when they need help. So far, it has been a great experience learning about management and the different roles and responsibilities that come with it, as well as providing solutions to keep up with what is required of a main contractor.”

Mohammad assisted with a site visit too, where investors, employees from Energetik, and councillors from Enfield Council were able to learn about and see the project progress.

“I had the opportunity, alongside Philip and Colin, to show them around the site, explain what is happening and talk about the progress of the project. It was a great experience because it was good to hear their perspective on the project, especially the people who are going to be using the building when finished.”

“What I really like about my apprenticeship is that I am learning a broad range of skills which will widen my career opportunities. On top of that, we have a fantastic college in Liverpool, with amazing facilities and teachers, where we get to stay for a week roughly every 5 weeks. I really love that aspect because we get to experience a different city and it is a nice break from working in London. Adding to that, I am a massive Liverpool fan, so it is a bonus for me as I get to go to some games at Anfield when I am there!”

“My goal is to complete this apprenticeship and achieve the best grade possible. In the future, working my way to management is an aspiration of mine, even though it will come with challenges, it will be very rewarding. I am thankful for having great role models such as Philip and Colin to learn from!”

If you know anyone who would be interested in joining Vital’s net zero apprenticeship programme, click here and keep an eye out for applications opening later this month.