Solar Panels Complete 2,000+KM Journey to Ostoya Roztocze Orphanage

We often get the chance to support great causes whilst working on projects, so we were delighted to be able to donate 32 Solar PV panels to the Ostoya Roztocze Orphanage in Poland, which houses Ukrainian children who have been orphaned in the war.

We recently delivered the 5MW Chamber house solar farm for Rochdale Borough Council, who made us aware that the orphanage needed solar panels and that the “Giving to Ukraine” charity was sending a convoy to Poland which could transport them.

Solar Panels About To Begin Their Journey

The Solar PV panels begin their journey from Heywood in Lancashire

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We were delighted to donate the panels, which have completed their 2,000+km journey from Lancashire to Szczebrzeszyn in Poland and are now installed on the roof of the orphanage, delivering approximately 16kW of low-carbon electricity.

We’d like to thank Rochdale Council for bringing such a great opportunity to our attention and Ostoya Roztocze Orphanage for the fantastic work they are doing.

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The solar panels arrive at the orphanage and are unloaded by volunteers

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The solar PV panels in-situ on the roof of the orphanage

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The 32 panels are now producing clean electricity for use by the orphanage

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