Mar 31, 2020, by Gordon Coates

Supporting You To Become Compliant to the New Heat M&B Regulations

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Do you know your obligations in becoming compliant to the new Heat Metering & Billing Regulations?

Vital have developed a range of solutions to support heat network operators. This includes stock assessments, technology, and funding options. These measures will support heat network operators in understanding their liabilities under the regulation and what is required in order for them to deliver compliance. If you’re not sure whether the changes impact you or your organisation, then please read on.

Housing providers and block management companies across public and private sectors will be required to comply with the updated heat network metering and billing regulations due to be issued in May 2020. The proposed update clarifies the viability assessment criteria for first time heat metering installations, for properties in the “Open” classification (generally this applies to older district or communally heated blocks where the viability of heat metering installation has been questioned, and where heat consumption is often wrapped up with rent or service charges). As a result of, this bill via rent with no link to individual consumption will no longer be acceptable.

The assumption that runs through the M&B evaluation tool is that the behaviour of consumers will change when they are metered for what they consume. The cost of the fuel saved as a result of the reduced demand, forms the basis for the cost effectiveness evaluation. The assessment tool within the December 2019 Technical Index gives the clearest indication of the thresholds that will mandate installations of first-time heat metering, or the installation of heat cost allocators.

Once the revised assessment tool is published, heat suppliers will be obligated to carry out the cost-effectiveness assessment and install meters or cost allocators where required, within a specified compliance period.

Vital are liaising with key industry and government stakeholders to prepare technical and commercial support for those with affected property portfolios.

At Vital we offer:

  • Housing stock assessment support

  • Technical solutions for data collection and account management

  • Financing options

  • Digitalization of Energy data that allows users and operators to understand and optimise network performance.

We can help you to deliver a complete end to end journey to comply with the latest regulations.  If you'd like more information, please contact us via [email protected]