The Rising Costs of Energy

The impending price increases for energy are set to have a profound effect on the UK public. With many families already in fuel poverty, and facing further increases, it is a difficult time for many, and we have a commitment to giving them accurate information in an easy to understand format.

The heat network sector will be hit hard as there is no price cap in the commercial gas market. It is therefore essential that we help our customers understand how their bills are likely to be affected and the reasons for these increases.

To support our customers and clients we have developed templates to communicate these changes and explain why there will be price rises.

This will have a direct impact on the customers of communal heating and heat network schemes; therefore, we are proactively communicating with our customers, where we are the ESCo, in order to help them understand why their bills are increasing.

We’re also working with partners and industry groups to influence government to try to help develop support for customers of heat networks.

If you’d like to keep your customers informed, we will happily share our resident communication tool kit with you. If you are interested, please email [email protected].