The Vital Energi Cup launched for Islington community

We are passionate about giving back to the communities we are working in, so as part of our solar installation project at Islington Waste Recycling Centre, we organised a charity football tournament for local girls’ teams to get involved in.

We contacted Kentish Town F.C., who do great work championing girls’ football, five under-12s girls’ teams took part in the Vital Energi Cup, which took place last weekend at Market Road Football Pitches in Islington.

All five teams competed against each other, with the teams finishing first and second competing in the final for the Vital Energi Cup, and the teams finishing third and fourth battling it out for the Vital Energi Plate. Camden Youth were crowned the overall winners after an intense final with London Football School which ended with penalties.

The Mayor of Islington and the Mayor of Camden were both in attendance to hand out medals and talk to the players, and they took part in the charity penalty shootout too.

Dr Michael Bennett, who is the Director of Player Wellbeing at the Professional Footballers’ Association (P.F.A), was also there to give a speech to the players about his time as a professional footballer and to highlight the importance of education.

“Grassroots football is where it all begins, those young footballers are the future of the game. Football should be fun, but education should come first. I am glad everyone had fun and hope that the teams will continue to enjoy football,”

Dr Michael Bennett, Director of Player Wellbeing, P.F.A

Kentish Town F.C. provide game time to children for as little cost as possible, and are able to operate thanks to fundraising and donations. The tournament helped raise more than £700 for Kentish Town F.C., which will go towards equipment and pitch hire, and we will soon be providing a new kit to one of the Kentish Town teams.

Vital Energi’s Contracts Director, Paul Campbell, who attended the tournament and is playing a key role in the delivery of the Islington Waste Recycling Centre project, said:

“Having witnessed first-hand the sheer excitement generated at the charity football event, I feel very privileged to have been involved with the organisation of the tournament. As part of Vital Energi’s commitment to improving the environment and engaging with local communities, events such as this are heartwarming with great team spirit from everyone involved.”

We are undertaking decarbonisation works at Islington Waste Recycling Centre which includes the installation of solar panels and striping out gas pipework to aid in making the centre carbon neutral. Click here to read more about the project.