A green future for Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Vital Energi are working with Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust to reduce their carbon footprint by 1,700 tonnes through the installation of a range of energy solutions which provide guaranteed savings in excess of £750,000 per year.

Both Cheltenham General Hospital and Gloucestershire Royal Hospital will secure a sustainable future through the installation of renewable generation and energy conservation measures across their sites, whilst also benefitting from improved energy supply resilience.

Vital Energi supported the Trust through their PSDS application, from which they obtained £13.7m of grant funding which will support the implementation of a range of low carbon energy generation systems at both hospitals, including 4MW of battery energy storage systems, 400kW of air source heat pumps and 380kW of solar PV systems.

Vital Energi will also implement a range of Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs) across the two hospital estates, including full replacement of the BEMS systems, installation of voltage optimisation systems, replacement of high voltage transformers, replacement of forced-draught fan units with low-energy fan systems (EC Fans), and thermal insulation solutions.

The integration of battery energy storage systems will include the installation of a local smart grid system at the hospitals, which will enable the Trust to operate both the new and existing energy systems to maximise carbon reduction whilst minimising impact on revenue costs and also enable to uptake of off-site low carbon generation systems.

“We are delighted to be working with Vital Energi to deliver some key environmental upgrades to our hospitals. Climate change presents a profound and growing threat to people’s health and not only will these exciting projects deliver on carbon savings, but it will also help to contribute to a healthier community.”

Deborah Lee, Chief Executive , Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Steve Black, Vital’s Account Director who developed and led the project, said:

“Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust is committed to reducing its carbon emissions, and we’re delighted to be working with the Trust teams in developing and delivering low and zero carbon energy solutions.

“The installation of the innovative multi-technology low-carbon solutions implemented under the first round of PSDS funding is a major step in reducing energy related carbon emissions and also provides a platform on which the Trust can build to achieve its net zero carbon goals in line with government targets.”

Vital Energi has been working with Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust since 2014 when they entered into an 18-year energy performance contract (EPC).