Vital Welcomes Fisherton Street Residents to Metering & Billing Services

We are delighted to welcome the residents of 163 new Westminster-based homes to the Vital Energi suite of metering and billing services after signing the contract for the Fisherton Street Development.

The Fisherton Street Development is a combination of two blocks of apartments and townhouses and makes up part of the wider Church Street development. Residents will be receiving heating and hot water from an ultra-low air source heat pump with Vital Energi operating and managing the prepayment solution installed on the site. Cooling is also available to some residents, which sees Vital taking meter readings to calculate and issue accurate quarterly bills. Vital’s O&M team also deliver a comprehensive suite of operation and maintenance services.

It’s a pleasure to welcome another 163 homes to join our existing customers. We’ll be making our Glass App and Portal available to all customers for free, so they’ll be able to top up easily, check how much they’ve spent and take control of their energy usage. We hope the new residents will quickly settle into their new homes and be happy with their new metering and billing system.”

Denise Neville , Head of Service Delivery - Vital Energi
Vital Energi Glass

Vital Energi will be providing prepayment operation and management and meter reading services, including the calculation and issuing of bills for cooling. Our metering & billing service is supported by our centrally based customer care team.

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