Hundreds Of Leeds Residents Begin Receiving Low Carbon Heat.

The first 800 homes begin to receive low-carbon heat via the Leeds Pipes district heating network.

Almost 800 homes are now enjoying affordable and sustainable heat after being connected to the city’s £36m ‘Leeds PIPES’ district heating network.

The scheme uses heat generated from black bin waste at the Recycling & Energy Recovery Facility (RERF) and transports it via a series of super insulated district heating pipes to local businesses and residents.

Once the scheme’s first phase has been completed later this year the network will save tenants at 1,983 properties an estimated 10 to 25% on energy bills whilst reducing the city’s annual carbon footprint by 11,000 tonnes.

The scheme has been delivered in partnership between Leeds City Council and Vital Energi with funding support from the West Yorkshire Combined Authority and ERDF.

The 4 months since I got it have been heaven. I am saving on my general electric, I’m saving on one bill which compensates for the other bill too. When the warm weather comes, I will see a genuine change.

Joan Fletcher, Resident at Shakespeare Grange

Following the recent “heat on” for scheme’s first phase, work on the network’s second phase is now progressing after the council successfully received an additional £2.4m in funding from the Heat Network Investment Programme to extend the network.

The new funding has allowed the 16.5km network to be extended by a further 2.5km along the Headrow and into the city centre and connecting the City Museum, Art Gallery, Central Library, Town Hall, St George House and Civic Hall to the scheme.