Torry Heat Network project team volunteer their time and skills

Spending time in community gardens to give back to the local area

As part of our work on the Torry Heat Network in Aberdeen, we’ve been volunteering in the local area to improve the green space of local community gardens and engage the local community with the low carbon network and benefits it will bring.

Last week, we delivered and installed two 1,000ltr water tanks to St Fitticks Community Garden so the flower and vegetable beds can benefit from a nearby supply of rainwater. During dry spells when rainwater isn’t quite meeting the requirements, the tanks will be topped up by the local fire brigade, making it a real community effort.

We’d like to extend a big thank you to Viktoria from St Fitticks Community Garden for helping us organise the day and our suppliers, CalForth, who helped install the tanks. We look forward to seeing the garden bloom in the near future!