Executive Summary

Kenavon Drive is one of the most exciting developments in central Reading, with 106 new social and private apartments divided between two blocks.

  • chp
    CHP Engine
  • chilled-water
    Low Temperature Hot Water

Project Overview

The Energy Centre designed, built and installed by Vital Energi is divided into two key sections, one to produce Low Temperature Hot Water (LTHW), the other to store Mains Cold Water in a large tank and then convert it into Boosted Cold Water (BCW) which is then delivered to the apartments by our advanced distribution infrastructure. The Combined Heat & Power engine acts as the lead heat source for the development but, during periods of high demand, the high efficiency gas boilers assist with the LTHW production. LTHW is pumped from the Energy Centre into the District Heating System, one core is fed directly from the Energy Centre via internal pipework, with the remainder of the development fed via Vital Energi’s specialist underground District Heating Distribution system which connects to the remaining risers.

A brilliant decentralised Energy Solution, created by our unparalleled in-house design team and achieving a sustainable Homes Efficiency rating of Level 4 for every apartment.

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