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London Borough of Southwark - Water Source Heat Pumps (In Progress)

Executive Summary

Vital Energi are working in partnership with Southwark Council to retrofit water source heat pumps into existing heat networks across three estates within the South-east London borough, Wyndham, Newington and Consort. The new scheme will benefit around 2,175 properties by providing them with a more resilient, efficient, low carbon heat supply.

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    6 water sourced heat pumps

Project Overview

Consort, Newington and Wyndham are three estates based within the London Borough of Southwark. Vital Energi are working in partnership with Southwark Council to decarbonise and improve the air quality in the local areas. Residents across the estates will benefit from an resilient, reliable heat energy supply when complete in 2022.

Our Solution

By making use of ground water abstracted from locally drilled boreholes, we are able to upgrade the energy from the ground through the use of water source heat pumps. This is achieved by circulating the ground water through the heat pumps and with the use of evaporators and condensers, heat is produced at the required temperature which is then fed into the existing heat networks. By also making pipework modifications in each of the central plantrooms, heat pumps are installed and connected into the existing heat network distribution pipework, alongside the existing boilers, which will then no longer become the lead source, these will now become a backup heat supply, making use of heat produced by the heat pumps as much as possible.

Solution detail

Retrofitting Heat Pumps

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