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Somers Town - Heat Network Operation & Maintenance

Executive Summary

In addition to successfully delivering the energy centre and district heating network for the Camden-based energy project we were awarded the long-term operation and maintenance contract.

  • stats-numerical
    £1.3m contract value
  • Ops & Maintenance
    15 year operation and maintenance contract

Project Overview

Vital have been working with Camden Council on the Somers Town Heat Network since 2014 when we began work to install a district heating link between existing individual communal heating networks to create one system. We installed 581m of underground district heating pipe connecting the existing networks to a new communal energy centre which was retro-fitted into an under-used car park. This project will help Camden Council reach their carbon emissions reduction targets of 40% by 2020.

We are providing operation and maintenance services for the scheme for a period of 15 years with pre-determined targets to abide by.

Somers Town Heat Network

Vital Energi are a key long term partner for our Somers Town Energy project helping us use district heating systems to decarbonise our housing stock.

James Davies, Sustainability Projects Manager

Key Benefits

Somers Town Heat Network Operation & Maintenance

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