Diffusion Barrier Pre-Insulated

Description of Conti Single Steel Pipes

Vital Energi Conti steel pre-insulated pipes are suitable for district heating and district cooling applications.

There are two main manufacturing processes for Conti pipes:

  • Axial Conti
  • Spiral Conti

In the axial conti process, pipes are made by casting the insulation onto the service pipe in a moving mould. After which the casing is extruded onto the insulation. The production takes place in a continuous process.

An effective diffusion barrier foil, preventing diffusion of insulating gases is embedded between the insulation and the casing.

Consequently, continuously produced pipes with diffusion barrier foil do not age.

The method is suited for pipes with outer casing dimensions 90 - 315mm.

The total heat loss is over a 30 year period is 10-25% lower than that of corresponding, traditional pipe. The smallest dimensions yield the greatest savings.

In the spiral conti process the insulation is sprayed onto the service pipe or it is cast in a mould around the outer casing, after which the casing is extruded onto the insulation in a spiral movement.

The method applies to casing dimensions 355 - 1200mm.

Vital Energi Conti steel pre-insulated pipes are available in three insulation thicknesses Series 1, 2 and 3 and are manufactured in 6m and 12m and 16m lengths as standard. The pipes are supplied with two copper wires embedded in the polyurethane (PUR) insulation; these wires are used to identify any leaks in the system.

The polyurethane (PUR) insulation has a guaranteed lambda value of 0.023 W/mK.

Vital Energi Conti steel pre-insulated pipes are available in carrier pipe sizes from O/D 26.9mm to 1219mm.

Solution detail
Carrier PipeDimensionTemp Range MaxLeak Detection SystemOperating PressureDiffusion BarrierSeries of Insulation Thickness
AxialDN20 to DN2000°C to 150°CYes25 barYes1,2 & 3
SpiralDN300 to DN12000°C to 150°CYes25 barYes1,2 & 3

Applications Of Traditional Single Steel

  • low-temperature
    Low Temperature Hot Water (LTHW)
  • medium temperature
    Medium Temperature Hot Water (MTHW)
  • cooling

Key Benefits

  • Reduction in the number of joints needed through the availability of long lengths
  • Reduction in the number of bends/fittings needed as the piping can be factory curved to follow the best and easiest path
  • Reduced operating costs due to diffusion barrier being fitted
  • Fully welded system
  • Leak Detection System
  • No-dig methods (or boring) can be applied
  • Fully compliant with CIBSE CHPA Heat Networks Code of Practice
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