High Temperature Pre-Insulated

Description of High Temperature Pre-Insulated Pipes

High temperature above ground system for media with a temperature range from +120˚C to +170˚C:

The Vital Energi above ground system is insulated with polyisocyanurate (PIR foam) and is typically used for mediums such as steam and hot water. Besides being suited for above ground installations, the system can also be installed as a buried system. The remarkable insulation ensures low operating costs and minimal maintenance. The system can be supplied with black or white casing, however, the white casing for indoor pipe installation only.

The high temperature, above-ground pipe PIR insulation system functions as a bonded system. This means the HDPE jacket pipe follows the expansion of the carrier pipe. Pipe supports can be placed directly into the jacket. Expansion is normally absorbed in bends and expansion joints.

High-temperature buried system, HT1, for media temperature range from +120˚C TO +250˚C:

The Vital Energi below ground system can be used for media such as steam and hot oil, consists of polyurethane with an inner layer of mineral wool. The mineral wool brings down the temperature to the permissible application temperature for polyurethane foam. The carrier pipe is supported by special spacers made of stainless steel. The system has good insulation qualities, which guarantee low operating costs. The system can be supplied with black casing pipes. High temperature pipes are available in dimensions up to DN 400.

The buried system functions as a sliding system, i.e. the carrier pipe expands in the insulation without occasioning movements of the HDPE jacket pipe in the ground. Expansion is absorbed in the system by compensators or expansion bends. There are two standard insulation series:

  • Series 210 for operating temperatures ranging from 140°C to 210°C.

  • Series 250 for operating temperatures ranging from 140°C to 250°C.

Technical advantages optimise the piping system’s operating economy throughout its long service life.

Solution detail
Carrier PipeDimensionTemp Range MaxLeak Detection System

Series of Insulation



DN20 to

DN 400

140°C to 250°CYes210 & 250

Applications Of High Temperature Pre-Insulated Pipes

  • temperature-high
    High Temperature Hot Water (HTHW)
  • steam

Key Benefits

  • Decreased installation costs.
  • Fast and problem-free installation, with little downtime.
  • Almost maintenance free.
  • Long service life 30 to 50 years is not unusual.
  • Reduction of waste as pipe is made to measure.
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