We treat the pre-construction phase as the foundation to delivering a successful project and through meticulous planning, procurement, programming and liaison ensure even the most challenging project has a clear, comprehensive strategy.

Vital Energi Preconstruction Media City


We undertake walk-through, desktop and in-depth surveys and have experience of overseeing construction on all types of terrain, including brownfield sites. Retrofit projects are often in older structures which have seen building movement over the years. Our in-house team assess structural integrity, ground conditions and identify potential issues.

The Planning Phase

Guiding projects through the planning stages and we can take the lead during the planning stage or work collaboratively with the client. Producing either standard drawings, such as elevation, or alternatively detailed reports and artists impressions.

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Vital Energi Project Delivery Preconstruction Stakeholder Liaison

Stakeholder Liaison

Liaising with media, residents and client stakeholders we can create a full programme of engagement events ranging from drop-in sessions to presentations and Q&A sessions to educate, inform and give a sense of ownership to the community.

Value Added Construction

No matter how advanced a building design is, we will review it to see if we can make improvements through value engineering. We can often reconfigure equipment which has seen results of floor space being reduced significantly, which brings large savings to developers. We provide structural steel work through to innovative ventilation solutions, all of which balance safety and viability with reduced costs.

Vital Energi Project Delivery Preconstruction Value Added Construction
Tbc Vital Energi Project Delivery Preconstruction Cost Advice

Cost Advice

Our cost advice service begins with taking the time to understand your drivers and strategic ambitions and evolves to give you a whole-life financial overview of the project. By seeking cost-advice early in the process you will have an added level of financial visibility and significantly reduced risk, allowing you to make informed decisions at every stage.