As a leading provider of innovative energy solutions in the UK, we spend all day every day helping our clients to decarbonise and push forward towards the UK's Net Zero goals.

We don’t just lead in providing solutions, we also lead by example. It’s not only about helping our clients, it's also about ensuring all Vital staff, sites and offices minimise any negative effects on the environment and maximise the positive.

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Our Net Zero Commitment

We have committed to achieving Net Zero emissions by 2035. Working with carbon management specialists Greenly, we have developed a robust full scope action plan for reducing our emissions. Did you know that 85% of our vehicle fleet are already EV or PHEV? We also have over 30 EV charging points at our Blackburn head office and a further 12 at our Drakelow plant, which our staff and visitors can use for free. Most are powered by solar, ensuring that our staff and visitors with hybrid or electric vehicles are minimising the environmental impact of their journeys as much as possible.

Small changes make a big difference

A few small changes soon add up when you have over 700 staff members across the UK! All Vital staff are actively encouraged to do their part in reducing our carbon emissions. We all use the many recycling points around the offices, turn off lights if not needed, turn off PCs overnight, and choose sustainable products and supplies where possible for all of our commercial needs. Lights have been changed to LEDs, and single use plastic cutlery is a thing of the past in our office kitchens. Our annual “Get Green” week focuses on a different way to benefit the environment each year, as well as enhancing employee wellbeing.

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Our Environmental Responsibility

All of our workforce is covered by our ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System (EMS). Our EMS provides the workforce with clearly defined goals and objectives for all areas of the business with an environmental impact. By integrating external audit recommendations into our business strategy, we ensure continual improvement in a measurable way. Our commitments are set out in our Environmental Policy and Sustainability Policy.

Supply Chain Engagement

Our values, commitments and expectations don’t just apply to our staff. Like most businesses, the overwhelming proportion of our environmental impact occurs in our supply chain. It’s therefore imperative that we use our expertise to help our suppliers, working collaboratively to protect the environment and deliver a positive impact through our operations.

Full details are set out in our Sustainable Procurement Policy and Supplier Code of Conduct

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