vTherm°e Electronic Unit

vTherm°e Electronic Unit -

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vTherm°e Electronic Unit
  • Intelligent data collection on the performance of the unit through state-of-the-art communication interfaces.
  • The range of options allows any metering system to be utilised and includes:
    • Modbus
    • M-Bus
    • Radio
    • Wi-fi
    • RJ45
    • Bluetooth

Optional Extras

vTherm°e offers a variety of additional features which can be ordered to ease installation and improve efficiency.

  1. First fix valve rail to protect the HIU by allowing the installation to be undertaken without the HIU on site.
  2. Fully insulated valve box to reduce heat losses and to improve aesthetics.
  3. Pipe bracket to allow up and down connections.
  4. Flushing bypass allows flushing of the primary network. Especially designed to be removed after flushing to ensure that it cannot be left in an open posistion acidentally, preventing uncontrolled flow with high return temperatures that can affect network performance.
  5. Weather compensation to reduce energy consumption and bills.

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Key Features

  • The new space saving vTherm°e (electronically controlled) Heat Interface Unit (HIU) is designed to minimise heat losses and improve the efficiency of your district heating scheme.
  • The unit is BESA verified, robust and reliable.
  • vTherm°e achieved the lowest VWART of any HIU results currently published under the 2018 testing regime on the BESA website see results: https://www.thebesa.com/ukhiu
  • Weather compensation to reduce energy consumption and bills.
  • The product range is available in a variety of outputs providing instantaneous Domestic Hot Water (DHW) and Heating (HTG) for radiators or Under Floor Heating (UFH) systems.
  • Instantaneous hot water is produced via a plate heat exchanger and PICV with actuator, allowing hot water to reach the tap at the desired temperature without delay, even during low demand periods.
  • The HIU provides complete separation between the primary circuit or central plant system to the secondary side installations.
  • The design of vTherm°e gives DHW priority, as soon as there is a DHW demand the HIU diverts the flow of primary water to the DHW Heat Exchanger to provide a stable DHW supply.

Key Statistics

Manufacturer Primary Flow Temp (°C) Overall VWART Keep
Warm Active (°C)
vTherm°e 70 27.9
60 29
Manufacturer 2 70 38
60 42
Manufacturer 3* 
2016 test standards
70 33.7
60 33.8

Operation & Maintenance

  • The casing is built in 3 sections to streamline Commissioning, Operation & Maintenance.
  • The HIU has been designed as a wall mounted product with all connections upwards, however further options are available.
  • Dimensions of standard vTherm°e unit: Height. 690mm x Width. 530mm x Depth. 322mm.