Readily available in the UK, the vTherm units are designed with the practicalities of installation, commissioning, maintenance and operation at their core. 

  • buildings
    The capability of intelligent controls within the Glass-Enabled vTherm˚e units allows network operators to remotely monitor the performance of the unit and ensure it is operating as designed. The data can be utilised
    to plan maintenance schedules and further improve the efficiency of the network.
  • hi-us
    The vTherm heating and cooling interface units are wall mounted with upward connections. For installation flexibility the optional pipe brackets can be used to for HIUs when connections are from above and/or below e.g. when installing underfloor heating, cooling interface units and other applications.
  • casing
    The insulated case has been constructed in three sections which can be easily removed to facilitate easy installation, commissioning and maintenance.
  • about
    Download the relevant Installation, Commissioning & Maintenance Guides below for guidance and support.

  • vital-services
    The vTherm are commissioned by our trained specialist team. Training is also available for vTherm partners at our state-of-the-art training academy.
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How to order?

If you are interested in purchasing from the vTherm° range? Please contact the team on [email protected]