Helping accelerate Camden’s transition to a low carbon future

Vital Energi have partnered with Danfoss and Camden Council to reduce the carbon consumption at Oakshott Court through the installation of a revolutionary Leanheat artificial intelligent software technology which is paving the borough’s way to net zero.

Thanks to their longstanding relationship with Camden Council, Vital Energi are trialling an energy efficiency tool which harnesses the power of digitalisation to optimise energy generation and consumption, and increase operational efficiencies.

The heating network temperature will be regulated to target a maximum of 24 degrees within the flats which will make a positive difference to the lives of the 114 residents of Oakshott Court, a 1970s block of flats in Somers Town which is owned by the council, who until now have experienced overheating in the summer months due to constant heating. The council and residents will now benefit from reduced carbon emissions and lower building maintenance costs.

Danfoss have acquired and continue to develop the intuitive Leanheat AI technology software which works with a built in weather compensation and predication tool, which will optimise the heating system water temperature to meet an ideal and comfortable ambient temperature across the flats. An outdoor weather sensor has also been installed to capture localised weather readings as part of the machine learning applied within the software.

Vital Energi have installed the hardware products required for the Leanheat software to be able to take control of the building, which includes a hardwired controller within the plant room in the basement of Oakshott Court. They have undertaken minor system modifications to the existing secondary heating pipework to accommodate a new three port control valve and temperature sensors, as well as installing climate room sensors strategically within a number of the 114 individual flats to gain an accurate heat map of the block and monitor the temperature and humidity of each dwelling.

The data from the climate room sensors is sent to a secured and encrypted cloud where, along with data from the internal sensors and outside weather sensors, readings are taken every 10 minutes and the AI software creates a new set point. A signal is then automatically sent to open or close the control valve where heating is fed into the building to ensure the correct temperature is maintained across the block.

“We’re really pleased to be continuing our relationship with Camden Council and helping deliver their ambitious net zero target through the installation of future-proof energy solutions. The energy efficiency trial at Oakshott Court ensures optimum comfort and improved wellbeing of residents, and is another step towards communities across Camden benefitting from greener, more affordable heat and hot water.”

Rob Callaghan, Managing Director of Vital’s London Division

Danfoss’ Software Solutions Manager – District Energy UK, Soulla Paphitis, said:

“Leanheat AI software is a revolutionary low cost and easy to implement solution which will drastically change the heating profiles of existing buildings. The aim is to reduce emissions and support the transition to net zero, ensuring minimal disruption to residents and making sure their comfort is met throughout the year.

“Working with Vital and Camden has been a breath of fresh air, Vital have driven ahead with being innovative and client focused whilst Camden have maintained a clear focus of resident comfort and future strategy across all their housing stock.”

Oakshott Court is connected to the existing Somers Town district heating network, which was designed and built by Vital Energi in 2014. The heat network delivers heat and hot water to the residents of Camden and was designed with expansion in mind, allowing additional buildings to be connected and for it to grow into one of London's major heat networks.