Key progress at Plymouth

Phase 1 of our works with Plymouth City Council is progressing well. Project Manager, Colin Sellers, has provided an update on four of the key buildings, along with some images.

  • The air source heat pump has been crane lifted to the roof of Elliott Terrace and the installation on the rooftop is now complete.
  • The air source heat pump base unit has been installed at Crownhill Court, and the steel support frame for the condensers has been manufactured and are waiting fitment. Inside the plant room, a 2000 litre buffer, and low temperature hot water (LTHW) pipework has been installed.
  • All air source heat pump and ancillaries have been delivered to the Guildhall site. Excavation beneath the Guildhall to the Law Courts car park has been completed with district heating pipework installed.
  • All air source heat pump and ancillaries are on site at Ballard House, and the evaporators have been lifted onto the roof and installed.

For phase 2 of the project, we’ve taken delivery of water source heat pumps for Frederick Street Centre, Pounds House and Prince Rock Admin building. The air source component of the heat pumps is due for delivery next week.

The next stages are to complete foundation works at Ballard House, and to install compressor units for the air source heat pumps at the Guildhall. Crownhill Court and Elliott Terrace are the closest to completion, so we’re working hard to reach commissioning stage!

In total we’ll be decarbonising 10 of Plymouth City Council’s key buildings, helping pave their path to net zero. Find out more about the project here.

Read more about phase 1 of the project here.