Paul Younger Energy Centre Takes Shape

South Tyneside Council have set ambitious carbon targets of net zero carbon in operations by 2030 and one of the projects which will be driving those emission reductions is the Hebburn Renewable Energy Scheme.

The Paul Younger Energy Centre which supplies the heat network, is currently starting to take shape, with the steel framework installation progressing well. The building will house a two stage 450kw air to water source heat pump solution which will take ambient heat from the air and convert it into low-temperature-hot-water to provide reliable, lower carbon heating.

Air source heat pumps used for the scheme minimise the use of traditional, gas-fired boilers, which will enable the project to deliver carbon savings of approximately 319 tonnes per year.

The build of the energy centre follows the completion of the district heating network infrastructure installation and connection works for residential development Durham Court, and Hebburn Central leisure centre, over the past 18 months, with plans for more buildings to be added in the future.

The building is named after Professor Paul Younger, one of the region’s pioneering scientists, who played a key role in the bid to make Newcastle a City of Science and Technology.

The project is due for completion by the end of 2023.