Supporting the Palace of Westminster’s low carbon future

We’ve been sub-contracted to support the Palace of Westminster’s Restoration & Renewal Programme, where we’re completing an early concept feasibility study on the application of water source heat pumps to reduce the carbon footprint of the Palace.

The iconic Palace of Westminster, home of Parliament, has played a unique role in our political history for 900 years and now it needs urgent repair.

Work has started on extensive surveys and inspections throughout the Palace to better understand the condition of the building, and thanks to our extensive experience in the design and installation of heat pumps, we have been asked to compile a comprehensive feasibility study into the use of water source heat pumps.

We will assess and quantify the potential available energy from the River Thames and detail how river heat exchange and boreholes can be used in tandem to ensure the most resilient and robust heating and cooling supply arrangement. We’ll also review options and make recommendations for the optimum heat pump technologies and arrangement.

The Restoration and Renewal Programme is committed to embedding sustainability across all phases of the works. Sustainability aspirations and objectives have been developed and will be used to steer design, construction and operational decisions.

Through the feasibility study, we’ll be supporting the delivery of one of the Programme’s key sustainability aspirations which is, “delivering resilience using innovative technology to maintain operation in a changing climate. Optimising building performance, establishing long term maintenance strategies and sustainable logistics.”