City of London: Guildhall update

Work is progressing on our City of London decarbonisation project, where we’re improving energy performance within six of the City’s most iconic buildings as part of their robust zero carbon roadmap.

We’ve been busy implementing lighting upgrades within the Guildhall – Operations Manager Lee Bennett gives an insight into how many fittings have been upgraded in his video below.

We’re installing a new lighting control system complete with daylight harvesting, one of the most advanced techniques used in sustainable lighting designs. It automatically dims or adjusts the brightness of the light in response to the amount of natural light available from windows or skylights, which minimises the amount of energy used. The sensors within the light fittings themselves detect the levels of natural light within the space which is communicated via Bluetooth.

The new LED lighting features SurePath emergency lighting control which works over wi-fi, allowing the end user to have full control of the system via an app using a tablet device, replacing the existing wired obsolete lighting control system.