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Circus Street Development - CHP Energy Centre & District Heating

Executive Summary

In partnership with Brighton & Hove council, Vital Energi devised a scheme to supply heat and hot water to a large number of students and residents within the Circus Street development. The scheme was designed on the unique site requirements, utilising 3D modelling software and bespoke acoustic adaptions. There was a push for green energy on the site and so we provided a low carbon heating and hot water solution to supply the student and residential accommodation and retail space, and reduce environmental impact in the area.

  • stats-numerical
    £2.1m contract value
  • chp
    1 210kWe CHP
  • boiler
    9 240kW gas boilers
  • thermal-stores
    4 5000L thermal stores

Project Overview

On the site of a 2.4 acre derelict municipal market, Circus Street is a project by Cathedral Limited to regenerate the area into an innovation quarter. The scheme is a £130 million public private partnership with Brighton and Hove Council which will create over 400 new jobs and will see the creation of a 450-bed student accommodation, 142 residential properties, 30,000 sq ft of office space, and a public square with shops, cafes, restaurants and a dance studio.

Our Solution

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The client required a scheme that could serve a large number of residents and students, along with all but two office blocks, therefore we created an Energy Profile for the development which included predicted heat usage following data analysis a solution was designed and implemented that included a 210kWe CHP engine, 9x240kW gas boilers and 4x5000L thermal stores.

We have ensured that there will be sufficient equipment for the demand by designing 8 boilers to cover the peak site load and 1 boiler as a standby source.

Solution detail

Key Benefits

Circus Street, Brighton & Hove Council

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