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Energy Centre & District Heating

Executive Summary

The Greenwich Square project saw Vital Energi work with the Energy Services Company SSE and the Developer Mace to deliver an energy centre for their new, sustainable community in the heart of London.

Project Overview

Greenwich Square is located on the vacant site of the former Greenwich District Hospital which was demolished in 2006 and offers the opportunity for a regeneration which will include 645 homes, leisure centre, library and health centre.

The positive benefit to the local community will be extensive, as the developers, Hadley/Mace are delivering a high proportion of the development as affordable housing.

Our Solution

Greenwich Sq 1223

Vital Energi would have to install 1km of pipework and create a state-of-the-art energy centre on a busy, multi-contractor site, not only scheduling works so that they don’t clash with other contractors, but also arranging delivery of large pieces of plant and equipment.

The Greenwich Square project involved connecting 362 homes across multiple blocks via a district heating system powered by a Condensing CHP engine, with several distinct design innovations which ensured the plant was efficient as possible.

After extensive modelling, we created a thermal store solution which ensured that the CHP only ever runs at 100%, its most efficient state, and stores the additional hot water in a thermal store for peak times of demand.  A creative pumping solution was created which operates during low loads, meaning that it uses less electricity for up to 40% of the time.  This combined with control of the return temperature which enhances the schemes efficiency.

With the experience of our extensive in-house design team we custom designed acoustic louvers which met firewall standards, balancing the legislative requirements with the essential need for ventilation.

Solution detail

This long-awaited investment into East Greenwich has finally been realised in a development that will demonstrate the benefits of public-private consortium and bring regeneration to the community.

David Grover, Chief operating officer of Mace Investments

Key Benefits

Greenwich Square Energy Centre & District Heating

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