Leicester Royal Infirmary & Glenfield Hospital CHP

Executive Summary

Vital Energi installed two CHP engines and associated upgrades at Leicester Royal Infirmary and Glenfield Hospital, bringing significant financial savings and lower CO2 emissions.

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    £2.8m contract value
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    18 week delivery programme
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    4,000 tonnes of carbon reduction per annum
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    £600,000 reduction in energy costs per annum

Project Overview

The Trust was aware of the benefits of Combined Heat and Power, having installed two CHP engines at its Glenfield site in the early 1990s but these installations had come to the end of their lifecycle and needed to be replaced.  In the case of Leicester, Vital would be replacing three small CHP engines with one larger, much more efficient engine.

Glenfield and the Royal Infirmary were a significant investment for the Trust and, as such, were expected to deliver both large carbon and financial savings quickly.   A third strategic aim detailed by the Trust’s board was that the system would bring more resilience to the electrical and heating system.

The £2.27 million system, which was part funded by the Department of Health, would also have to be delivered to a very tight deadline, something which Vital Energi were uniquely placed to do, due to their high levels of in-house expertise and extensive supply chain.

Our Solution

The biggest initial hurdle to the project was sourcing CHP engines which met the specifications of the Trust.  With a normal order taking up to 6 months to fulfil, Vital Energi would have just 5 weeks to source and arrange delivery.  This was a challenge Vital Energi were uniquely placed to meet due to our extensive supply chain and both engines were sourced to the specifications of the Trust and delivered on time, allowing the accelerated programme to continue.

Vital installed a 1.6MWe plant at a cost of £1,2million at Leicester Royal Infirmary, which consultants estimated would deliver savings of up to £389,145 per annum, while reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 2,701 tonnes per year.

At Glenfield Hospital, Vital Energi installed a 770kWe plant at a cost of almost £1million which consultants estimate will deliver up to £200,745 per annum while reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 1,474 tonnes per year.

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Key Benefits

Leicester Royal Infirmary & Glenfield Hospital CHP

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