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Loughborough University Reconfiguration Works

Executive Summary

We have worked with the University of Loughborough for over 25 years and most recently returned to undertake a major reconfiguration project to facilitate planned demolition works.

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    £730,000 contract value
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    25+ year relationship
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    Circa 0.5 km of district heating pipework installed

Our Solution

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Vital Energi were appointed directly by the Loughborough University to assist in the diversion of, and the installation of new services in and around the John Cooper & John Clements Buildings. Both are due to be demolished in early 2023 to make way for a new, larger development.

Solution detail

Many comments were made from staff at the university as to how well managed the ground work excavations were carried out. It is hard to actually tell where the work was carried out and the making good is also to a high standard"

Shaun Green, Project Manager , Loughborough University

In order to achieve this, the existing heat network and comms network needed to be re-configurated to divert from between the two building to run around both buildings.

This, in turn, removed the feed to the Matthew Arnold Building, so a new heating & hot water feed was required to be installed as part of the diversion works. The diversion consisted of laying approximately460m of pre-insulated 200mm series 2 steel pipe work, along with installing the new 80mm feed to the Matthew Arnold building and capping off the existing pipe work, where it is planned to be removed.

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The timing of the works was critical, as they had to be done during the main summer period when students were on leave from the University.

This meant that multiple teams had to be placed in a very congested site, working on multiple work faces at the same time. The project commenced on site mid-July and was successfully completed late Sept.

If you'd like to know more about the work we've done with Loughborough University in the past we have a full case study here.

Solution detail

With Vital we knew it would be easier to work with them, no blame culture, they managed the project well, took the risk away from us and we knew it would be to a quality standard. We got this and we know we made the right decision to go with Vital.

Shaun Green - Project Manager , Loughborough University

Loughborough University Heat Network Reconfiguration

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