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Oxford Road District Heating

Executive Summary

We worked with Manchester Metropolitan University to futureproof the Oxford Road Crossing with the installation of 36m of district heating pipe, providing the first steps towards a potentially larger energy infrastructure project.

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    £282,000 project value
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    2 month delivery schedule
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    36m multi-utility installation

Project Overview

Due to the planned resurfacing of the Oxford Road Crossing, which runs through the University campus, MMU chose to install a district heating link under the road for future use as once the resurfacing work had been completed, any further work on the road would be prohibited for 5 years. Vital Energi were contracted to design, supply, install and commission this district heating link, which would be used in the future to connect multiple buildings as part of a potentially major energy infrastructure project to reduce carbon emissions.

Our Solution

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Due to the nature of the project, we had to plan extensively to ensure the job could be completed efficiently and successfully. We had close communication with MMU, and attended numerous coordination meetings to discuss the major planning implications due to deep trenches and the necessity to perform road closures.

As the work required trenches at substantial depths or 3m, a lot of attention was paid into the temporary works design, with considerable systems installed to ensure the safety of all members working in and around the area. At the planning stage, the extent of the work involved was unknown as we were all unaware as to where the existing culvert stopped, leading to the necessity to plan for all eventualities.

Solution detail

The Oxford Road Crossing was a challenging site due to the necessity to work within extremely deep trenches, however through close co-ordination with the University and project team, we were able to perform a well-executed programme delivery. Our team worked hard to complete the project within the scheduled timescales to avoid any further road closures, and we are pleased with the result on what can be a major energy infrastructure scheme for Manchester.

Ashley Walsh, Operations Director (Infrastructure)

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Oxford Road District Heating

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