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Solar Car Ports for Businesses

What are Solar Car Ports?

Imagine being able to turn your car park into a solar farm, generating clean electricity and allowing you to take control of your energy spend. Solar car ports can make this a reality for under-utilised space on both ground-level and multi-storey car parks, creating the opportunity to reduce carbon whilst generating electricity. By using special modular frames which support solar PV panels you'll be able to cut your emissions, whilst providing a protective cover for your fleet.


An installation for Salford City Council - The project is installed across two sites with a combined total of 1,500 solar panels capable of generating 650kWp.  The project not only generates electricity, but also protects vehicles from inclement weather.

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Commercial Solar Carports

Solar carports are a fantastic solution for organisations who want to reduce their carbon emissions, but may not have access to land or a large roof to support them.

With a proven track record of commercial viability, you can use your carpark to harness solar power, with the options of using the electricity in your own estate, exporting to the grid or installing EV charging for electric cars.

It's important to remember, however, that they are a specialised area and not only will you have to go through the planning process, you will also have to liaise with your Distribution Network Operator (DNO).

We can help with every stage of the process, from planning to long-term operation and maintenance, and here are just a few of the things you should consider:

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We sat down with Dr Alex Marshall, who has worked on many of the UK's most innovative solar project, and he gave us his key considerations for a successful solar car port project.

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