We treat the pre-construction phase as the foundation to delivering a successful project and through meticulous planning, procurement, programming and liaison ensure even the most challenging project has a clear, comprehensive strategy.

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New Build

With new build energy centres our in-house architects can design an energy centre, or take an architects’ concept and develop the detailed structural design. We can oversee the entire construction phase from the groundworks (piling, ground beams and pouring the floor slabs) through to steelwork, blockwork, roofing, cladding, plumbing and electrical.

New Basement Energy Centres

When installing energy schemes to serve tower blocks, space is very limited. We can enhance the plant and equipment layout to provide additional space for commercial use. Working with the construction contractors to co-ordinate deliveries and installation dates is key to ensure the project is completed on programme.

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In some instances our clients will have an existing building which they wish to refurbish, or repurpose into an energy centre. This can present significant challenges as the buildings may not have been created to house large plant and equipment, and there may be restrictions if the building is listed. We can assess and, if necessary, restore the structural integrity of the building, create temporary access points for large pieces of equipment, or completely reconfigure a structure.

Vital Energi Project Delivery Construction Retrofit

Energy Centre Extension

Some clients wish to retain their existing energy centre, but it is no longer large enough to house the equipment necessary to meet peak demand. In these instances, we can deliver an extension to the existing energy centre. It should be noted that energy centres can be restructured vertically and we have been able to create “multi-mezzanine” structures which, whilst higher, employ the same footprint as the original building.

Vital Energi Project Delivery Construction Extension

Structural Engineering Capabilities

We employ architects and architectural technologists who can deliver all structural design elements of a project. We have delivered many new-build energy centres ranging from smaller, simple designs to architecturally complex three storey constructions. We are also experienced in retrofit projects which often require extensive groundworks and steelworks to ensure they are structurally sound and count Grade I & II listed buildings amongst our portfolio.

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