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Solar Thermal Technology

Solar Thermal works by harnessing the heat from the sun to provide domestic hot water for your buildings. Plates or vacuum tubes containing water are installed onto the roof of buildings, or somewhere close by, which absorb heat from the sunlight. This water is then circulated to the domestic hot water twin-coil cylinder where it is prioritised to pre-heat the domestic hot water supply. During periods of low solar heat, a back-up boiler would provide a source of heat. Solar thermal projects have a long-track record, stretching back almost 50 years, but their suitability for the UK can be limited by the geographical location and the time of year. Whilst the idea of using the sun to heat homes and provide hot water is intriguing, several technical hurdles need to be overcome to make the technology viable. When considering a solar thermal system, clients should consider an additional technology which can work as a blended solution, ensuring that 100% of heat demands can be met at all times, ensuring resilience.

Vital Energi Swansea Bay University Health Board Solar Farm South Field 5

Swansea Bay Solar Farm

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Swansea Bay Solar Farm

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