Introducing vPro2 the Smart Metering Billing Solution

We are pleased to announce the next generation of smart metering and billing technology with the introduction of our new vPro2 solution.

The new technology, which is already being installed at 4 developments, can remotely switch between Pay As You Go and Credit Billing modes and comes with a feature-rich, wireless In-Home Display, designed to give the end user the information they need to make informed decisions about their energy usage.

The new system retains all of the functionality of the previous system, but is more cost effective, and contains new features which will benefit the end user and heat network operator.  Alex Thornton, Business Development Executive for Vital Energi explains, “We have developed a solution which appeals to landlords and energy suppliers, but which also delivers for our customers as well. 

“We’ve ensured adding credit to the system remains quick and easy and there are emergency and friendly credit options.  Information is easily accessible and the user can even set themselves daily targets to reduce their usage.  We’re delighted to see major clients already adopting the technology and look forward to installing it on many more sites in the future.”

The Pay As You Go option on the original vPro:ems system has been extremely successful at helping housing associations reduce debts and vPro2 has the same options as well as enhanced reporting capabilities.

The wireless technology remotely broadcasts secure, encrypted readings back to Vital Energi’s data centre removing the need for access to accommodation for manual readings, reducing disruption to tenants.

The vPro2 smart metering and billing solution replaces our previous vPro:ems system which is installed in over 3,000 properties.

Key Features

  • Pay As You Go and credit billing options
  • Multiple payment and top-up methods available including Payzone/ PayPoint, online, by telephone, SMS and Direct Debit
  • Emergency and friendly credit facilities
  • Wireless, intuitive in-home display which meets Code for Sustainable Homes ENE3 requirements and can display heat & electricity (if required)

If you'd like to know more about the vPro2 Smart Metering System and the many benefits it brings to landlords and tenants, please click here


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